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Mental fitness habits that set young professionals up for success - in work & beyond
Coaching - Speaking - Workshops


So you can:

  • Make confident decisions

  • Learn, grow & achieve goals

  • Operate beyond comfort zone

  • Manage stress & reduce burnout


Jacqueline is an Imagery Coach & practitioner of Positive Intelligence.  She facilitates training events and advises to organizations on how to create a motivating, thriving workplace culture.

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Jacqueline is a certified Imagery Coach & practitioner of Positive Intelligence.  She facilitates training events and advises organizations on how to create a motivating, thriving workplace culture.

"With psychological, research-based mental fitness habits at the core, I offer tailored well-being and performance support that:

  • Instills a resilient work ethic without leaning into a culture of dependency

  • Provides essential flexibility & compassion to individual needs whilst also being driven by a need for performance

  • Makes financial sense to the organisation over the long and short term


Mental Fitness offers a solution that goes beyond insights.  Together we create the habits needed to transform thinking and behaviour so that every member of the team has rock-solid resilience and 100% trust in self and team.  " 


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“Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy.” 

Shirzad Charmaine 

(New York Times best-selling author

& Stanford University lecturer)


Discover more and explore how mental fitness coaching may work for you:

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I work with apprentices/graduates who are in the early stages of their career within large organisations. 


Typically my clients need strategies to:

  • Learn effectively and handle the pressure of assessment/probation

  • Make consistently sound judgements in high pressure environments

  • Build resilience to cope with high workloads

  • Innovate when faced with limited resources

  • Prioritise tasks and manage multiple/complex case-loads

  • Collaborate creatively with others

  • Establish their professional identity and 'fit' within the organisation

  • Make defining decisions about their future

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This is the new Graduate cohort at Coco-Cola Euro Pacific Partners - still smiling after a full day of mental fitness training!


Delivered over 12 months, this comprehensive support for early career professionals guarantees a successful transition into the workplace. This programme builds self-belief and equips individuals with a mental fitness toolkit for well-being and performance.

Offered via individual coaching or as a 3 month group programme.

Supporting apprentices as they journey towards their end-point assessment and make decisions about their career pathway.

Career coaching for Managers and individuals who are currently experiencing stress and burnout; doubting their competence; and/or are in recognition that something needs to change.

Combining Positive Intelligence and Imagery Coaching, this 12 week programme promises to radically transform well-being, improve productivity and strengthen relationships.

Packages of 3, 6 and 12 sessions depending on the nature of the coaching goal. A complimentary introduction meet is offered to establish coach-client relationship.

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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

 -Franklin D. Roosevelt

We want and need young professionals to be challenged and stretched in order to grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

Let's equip them with the mental skills that allow them to thrive with confidence.


As a result of this session I feel I will be a better employee, student and future leader - every new starter should undertake this training!

Graduate, Coca-cola Europacific Partners

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