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Why coaching?

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Coaching psychology is a process for enhancing well-being and performance across work and personal lives.  It is evidence based, grounded in psychological theory and practised only by qualified coaching psychologists who are undertaking continuous professional development and coaching supervision.  Through coaching, clients are able to harness untapped potential and make discoveries that advance their progress towards goals.  

For some, coaching is a means to untangle a 'messy mind' and regain clarity and focus. 

For others there is a clear outcome, achievement or desired behavioural change. 

A discovery call will determine which coaching approach is right for you and confirm if I am a good fit for your needs.  It is completely free and there is no obligation to proceed at the end.  The most important aspect to coaching is the relationship between coach & client.  My role as a coach is to listen, reflect, explore and challenge so that my clients make new self-discoveries and feel excited to take bold steps forward.  With progress comes confidence and resilience.

Positive Intelligence® Coaching

Did you know, only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential?

I want you to be in that 20% and that's why I am inviting you to join my next Positive Intelligence® coaching programme.  This Ultimate Mental Fitness Programme runs every 6 weeks and places are extremely limited.


This programme is for individuals and teams who want success AND happiness.  Especially if you are:

  • Feeling burnt out and fed up

  • Juggling competing priorities

  • Striving for promotion

  • Struggling to 'switch-off' from work

  • Doubting competence  

  • No longer enjoying work

  • Experiencing Imposter Syndrome

In 6 weeks this programme will create lasting mental fitness habits that reset your mind and set you on course for success beyond your wildest expectations.


The result?  Confidence, energy and rock-solid resilience.  I am so confident that I offer a money-back guarantee - if you complete the programme as designed and do not experience a complete transformation then you will receive a full refund.



Please book an initial consultation free of charge to explore whether this programme is right for you and get clear about what outcomes you are hoping for.


Once enrolled you will have full access to coached support with Jacqueline Weeks as well as the Positive Intelligence support team.


Download the Positive Intelligence app where you will find:

  • Weekly 60min video to introduce a practice for the week

  • Daily mental fitness exercises (5-15mins a day)

  • Community support

  • Audio book version of the New York Times best-seller Positive Intelligence by Coach Shirzad Charmaine

  • Visual feedback on your mental muscle growth


You will join a ‘pod’ made up of 3-6 programme participants, led by Jacqueline Weeks.  The pod meets weekly to reflect on the week’s practice and discuss any emerging issues.  The pod offers a confidential support network as well as accountability to ensure that participants get the most out of the programme and achieve their goals. 


You will achieve proven results - functional MRI brain scan technology shows that 6weeks of mental fitness training significantly increases neural density within the region of our brain associated with positive thinking.  I wish I could scan every participant to demonstrate the neural changes this programme causes but unfortunately that isn’t possible however you can read the scientific research evidence to support the programme here and be confident that the same will happen in your mind too. 

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Limited spaces - Runs every 6 weeks

Imagery Coaching

Imagery based coaching is like master trickery - we work with your brain's natural capabilities to reprogram what thoughts, choices & actions kick-in at critical moments.  This helps you to create lasting behavioural changes, no matter what obstacles you face.


Like those points when life doesn't go to plan, when you are feeling the strain & when quitting seems like a great option. Spontaneous activation of rehearsed images & pre-planned responses directs the brain towards the outcome you want in the long-term, not what you might be feeling you want to do in the short-term.

In 6 sessions you will:

  • Identify values, beliefs and desired outcomes

  • Assess motivation and current barriers

  • Develop imagery skills and apply to your goal

  • Identify obstacles and strengths

  • Refine and reassess for maximum impact

  • Plan for continued consistency

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