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Mental Fitness

A 12-week programme to increase your energy and enthusiasm for life, manage stress and strengthen relationships. 


"Your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with positive rather than negative mindset"

2022 Shirzad Chamine and Positive Intelligence, Inc.

Programme outline

Weeks 1-3

Over 3 individual sessions (60mins) we will build a foundation of mental strength through exercises and practices that allow you to increase your self-awareness, manage your time & energy, open up your thinking and challenge any existing inner conflict. It's a process that untangles & calms allowing you to regain focus & control of your mind & body.

Weeks 4-9

Over 6 weeks you will strengthen 3 core mental muscles & significantly increase neural density within the region of your brain associated with positive thinking.   World-leading mental fitness training delivered as a digital training programme via Positive Intelligence app

Weeks 10-12

Your final 3 individual sessions (60mins) are dedicated to ensuring that your mental fitness routine is sustainable and applying your new stronger mental muscles to drive forward a positive change in your world. This could be in any of the following areas:

  • Stress management

  • Productivity & performance

  • Life decisions

  • Leadership

  • Parenting

  • Health & dieting

  • 'Difficult people'

  • Work/life balance

  • Spouse/partner relationship

  • Self-actualisation

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