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My Next Chapter

Career coaching that offers time, space & flexibility to make healthy changes & decisions based on a solid foundation of mental strength

In 8 hours you will go...

​From feeling:

  • Burnt out & fed up

  • No longer enjoying work/life

  • Aware of a need to change

  • Unsure of future direction

  • Doubting competence  

​To feeling:

  • Clear about what you want

  • Confident to make decisions

  • Able to step beyond comfort zone

  • Calm & in control

  • Happy with self & others

Programme outline

I have space for 3 women to start this month and I guarantee the results will transform your life - if they don’t you won’t pay a penny! The first two hour session  is FREE with no commitment to the programme.  If nothing else this gives you some immediate tools to carry forward and begin a transition to a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

Juggling competing priorities is draining and when work and family go head-to-head there are no winners.  Eventually you reach a point where decisions have to be made for the sake of your kids, your relationship, your sanity and your soul…but,

how do you make these decisions when you have worked so hard to build a career you are proud of and you need to continue working at your current level in order to provide the life you want for your family?

This is a dilemma facing many parents. My Next Chapter is a coaching programme specifically aimed at women in senior roles who find themselves at a career crossroads.

An initial two hour exploration session will introduce the 8 Tension Framework as a means to make sense of your current situation and a further 6 sessions (60mins)  will take you through a process of re-evaluating your life & career options. Together, we will build a foundation of mental strength through exercises and practices that allow you to increase your self-awareness, manage your time & energy, open up your thinking and challenge any existing inner conflict.


It's a process that untangles & calms allowing you to regain focus & control of your mind & body and at the end you will have greater clarity about what your next chapter in life will involve along with the actionable steps & mental energy you need to make it so.


Previous clients have included women 

  • Going through menopause/perimenopause

  • Receiving treatment for chronic illness

  • Carers to family members in need

  • Experiencing burnout / signed off work with stress

Previous clients have included women 

  • On maternity leave

  • Going through menopause/perimenopause

  • Receiving treatment for chronic illness

  • Carers to family members in need

  • Experiencing burnout / signed off with stress



Having the support from Jacs at VISE has really allowed me to gain clarity on my priorities and how I can get the balance I’m striving to have. She has given me a safe space to share my worries, work through the challenges and set a clear plan ahead of my return to work. No judgement just support and encouragement to explore what’s possible!


The tools Jacs provides are simple, yet effective in better understanding myself and those I work with. They are something I can go back to at any point to reevaluate.

I always come away from each session feeling I’ve made progress, that I’ve had a lightbulb moment and that things seem clearer. I feel that the heavy weight has been lifted and I am now back in control!

Feedback is posted anonymously to protect client's privacy

Client completed My Next Chapter programme in July 2023.

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